Mileage Reimbursements Rates

December 14th, 2004 by Adam

New Mileage Rates for

Effective January 1, 2005 the standard
IRS and USNH mileage reimbursement rate
for the use of personal vehicles on USNH business has
increased to 40.5 cents a mile
. The rate for
2004 was 37.5 cents a mile.

The standard mileage rate for use in computing
deductible moving expenses
as of January 1, 2005
is 15 cents a mile. The rate for 2004
was 14 cents a mile.

Please refer to the mileage chart located on the travel
Web page for
assistance. The page has many estimated distances for New
Hampshire and surrounding states.

Clarification of Per Diem Rates (for
meals while traveling on University business). Please
note the following important changes to the per diem
guidelines that were clarified for us recently:

Effective immediately, please use the M & IE
on the government Web site as a guideline for the most current rates.
USNH has instructed us to use the following percentages
when determining partial day rates:

20% for breakfast
25% for lunch
55% for dinner

When traveling, the guideline for the “day
before/after” meals on travel days to/from
the conference
remains that you are allowed to
claim the meal (s) that you have during the time you are
away from home or work. For example, if you leave for
your trip midafternoon, you may claim the dinner meal
rate only. When you come home, if you are traveling early
morning and arrive home mid afternoon, you may claim
breakfast and lunch only. The percentage rate on
the government Web page does not apply.

For the foreign per diem meal rates
… once again, please use the percentages listed
above for determining partial rates. The meal rates vary
every month, so please check this Web site for the most
current rates

We are no longer using the incidental rates for any of
the per diem meals.

If you have any questions, please
contact Mary Ellen Godville at 535-2252.