Nearly 700 Students Recognized for Academic Excellence

February 8th, 2007 by Adam

Parents and members of the Plymouth Community gathered recently to celebrate the academic achievement of nearly 700 full-time students who attained a grade point average of 3.5 or higher during the fall semester at Plymouth State University.

The students were welcomed and congratulated by University President Sara Jayne Steen, who spoke about the transformative experience of education. Steen selected a quotation from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost as the motto for the ceremony: “Learning is but an adjunct to ourself,/And where we are, our learning likewise is.”

“(Learning) is even more than the content of your knowledge,” Steen said. “It’s in work habits and ways of thinking and engaging with the world. … Every one of you is a success story … Remember, too, that, for all you are accomplishing, you are not alone. You are carrying others’ dreams as well as your own, those of your friends, your families, the PSU community around you.”

Each student was greeted individually and presented a certificate recognizing their academic excellence.

In closing the ceremony, 2006 Distinguished Teacher Dr. Wendy Palmquist spoke about “choices made, choices to be made, choices to reconsider.” She said she came to Plymouth State University 25 years ago because the University believes teaching is the most important part of the faculty job. “Here is a school that absolutely stresses student success and tries to support it in so many different ways. … Did I make the right choice? I think I did. You are part of the answer to that. … I hope we have more than lived up to the expectations your choice to come to Plymouth was based upon.”