New Front-End to Help Desk Website

October 29th, 2001 by Adam

We now have a new front-End to our website that is far more concise and outlines our services.

The technological landscape at PSC is changing and so with it the ITS
Technology and Learning Center. In an effort to expand our services and
provide more up-to-date information, the ITS Technology and Learning
Center will be adding and changing some on-line services.

To find our new services, use the Quick Jump menu and choose “ITS Help
Desk” — or — open your browser and type in

DISCUSS issues with our new campus discussion board by clicking on
Discuss With Us. The goal of this service is to initiate and discuss
campus technological questions and provide up-to-date PSC technological
news. For example, regular Internet and internal network service
updates will be placed in the discussion. Check the discussion to find
out more about our Internet connection.

CHAT about your computer problems using Human Click live support by
clicking on Chat With Us. The purpose of Human Click is to provide live
Chat technical support for PSC users. Human Click works like any other
Chat room and can be found via the ITS Help Desk page. Human Click is
only available during business hours.

You can still E-MAIL us at or CALL us at

In the near future, you will be able to HELP YOURSELF with our Self
Support database. The goal of Self Support is to provide answers to
common PSC technological questions and get up-to-date information on
ResNet, virus software, and network status.