New Futures of New Hampshire

November 21st, 2001 by Adam

PSC’s College Community Council has been recognized by New Futures of New Hampshire for its contribution to reducing alcohol, tobacco and other drug problems in New Hampshire. The award was made at the third annual Leadership Recognition and Awards celebration on November 14.
New Futures is an independent not-for-profit organization that is funded in part through an anonymous gift to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. It’s purpose is to foster, promote and support effective strategies to reduce underage alcohol problems and increase access to treatment through leadership and policy development, information dissemination and program innovation.

The PSC College Community Council (CCC) was formed in 1987 in response to concerns from local citizens living in areas heavily populated by college students. The Council addresses issues relating to student activities and their impact on town residents.

The CCC is a representative group including students, citizens of the community, landlords, campus and local police, town government, media and college officials. Together these individuals work to develop policies and practices to enhance the community for all members and to reduce high-risk behaviors.Many members of the CCC also serve on other connected groups and committees, such as the Chemical Health and Advisory Task Force (CHAT), attorney general enforcement grant, special action committees, media groups and the Alcohol Community Team.

Council initiatives have included neighborhood barbecues, official “walk arounds” on College theme weekends, ordinance creation and modification, litter patrols, crime lines, trash removal plans, proactive interventions at problem residences, enhanced programming on major theme weekends, response to vandalism, intervention/adjudication of all alcohol arrests involving students, restrictions on advertising of alcohol-based events at local establishments and labels on retail alcohol packaging cautioning about alcohol laws.