New Name, New Home

February 6th, 2006 by Adam

The Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies will be moving to a new location in early summer to accommodate its delivery of programs and services to the graduate student community. The move is further recognition of the growth in PSU’s Graduate Studies program, and a result of a two-year, self-study and external program review, which recommended the name change to College of Graduate Studies.

The University’s Baker Infirmary, located on Avery Street, will be transformed to Baker Hall and serve as the new home for Graduate Studies. The infirmary will be moving on campus, near student apartments, making it more easily accessible to undergraduate students.

“Our goal is to develop an integrated service model for graduate students by putting all services, such as admissions, registration and advising in one location,” says Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies Dennise Maslakowski. “The continual increases in enrollment and degree programs—the expanded MBA program and the new Master of Science degrees and the School Psychology certification program—are key examples of programming that have contributed to the need for more space to assist us in offering quality service and support for graduate students and faculty.

Maslakowski also points to the planning that is under way for a new Master of Education in Music Education as an example of the continued growth in programming and faculty/staff. The request for such a degree comes directly from music educators, 150 of which attend the annual New England Band Directors Institute the College of Graduate Studies has been hosting each summer since 1992. Participants come from all six New England states and study under nationally and internationally known conductors, composers, performers and educators.

“There is an available and willing constituency, and PSU is the partner of choice,” states Maslakowski. “We’re flexible, accessible and willing to go off campus to deliver programming.”

Approximately 60 percent of all graduate classes are offered off campus or online, which Maslakowski says has significantly contributed to the College’s growth in registrations to nearly 6,000 annually. Among the College’s offsite delivery locations are: Capitol (Concord) Area Center for Educational Support in Penacook; New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord; the Southeastern Regional Educational Service Center in Bedford; and Granite State College (GSC) in Portsmouth, Littleton and Conway. Graduate Studies, along with GSC and New Hampshire Community Technical College, will be offering courses in Conway’s new Technology Village Learning Center, which is expected to be open late spring 2006.

As over half of PSU’s graduate programming is off campus, being on campus was not the top priority in deciding where the College’s new home should be, notes Maslakowski. Instead the focus is on building an efficient service model that is customer friendly. The Baker Infirmary is undergoing technological upgrades, while it continues to function as the infirmary during the spring semester. Major renovations will begin after graduation, and Maslakowski hopes to have the College move into Baker Hall in time for their busy summer term which starts in July.

The Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies is committed to offering a rich learning environment where outstanding faculty interact with graduate students in course work that promotes research, best practice and reflection. Degree options include the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, the Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education and Master of Science. Professional certification programs are also available. Courses, as well as personalized graduate student advising, are available on campus, online and at various locations throughout New Hampshire. For more information visit or call 1 800 FOR GRAD.