New Okrant Novel

April 6th, 2005 by Adam

Dr. Mark Okrant, professor of geography and tourism development and director of the Plymouth State University Institute for New Hampshire Studies, has written an historical novel set at New Hampshire’s own Balsams Grand Resort Hotel.

A Last Resort is the story of Edna Connor, a love-starved housewife on vacation, Kary Turnell, a novelist with a bad case of writer’s cramp and Warn Barson, a hotel manager— three characters whose lives become intertwined as a mystery unfolds at the hotel.

Okrant researched his Dixville Notch setting for accuracy, interviewing staff at the Balsams and examining the hotel buildings and grounds to find hidden passageways and secret corridors.

Balsams President Stephen Barba said A Last Resort is full of “remarkably accurate settings and true-to-life characters” that captured daily life at the grand resort. “