North Country Teachers Certification Program Seeks New Students

October 3rd, 2007 by Adam

Building on a very successful start, a unique teacher training program for New Hampshire’s North Country is recruiting new students.


The North Country Teacher Certification Program (NCTCP) started two years ago as a pilot program between PSU, the New Hampshire Community Technical College- Berlin (NHCTC-Berlin), Granite State College and Plymouth State University, offering a Childhood Studies bachelor’s degree with K-8 Teacher Certification. Fifteen people were selected for the first cohort group with class members ranging from traditional college-age students to adult learners, with a wide variety of life and educational experience. Many were the first-ever college students in their families. All shared a dream of becoming teachers, though their geographical location made it difficult to gain a four-year degree from PSU. The NCTCP starts with a two-year teacher preparation program at NHCC-Berlin, with the final two-years taking PSU courses while remaining on the campus of NHCC-Berlin. NCTCP Director Irene Mosedale believes the cooperative model worked well.

“This program has exceeded our expectations and really helped those students willing to make the effort to succeed. The program allows them to complete their bachelor’s degree and teaching certification in the North Country; they can continue to care for their families, hold down a job and maintain their other responsibilities, now we’re hoping more students want to get started on building a career in education” said Mosedale.

Mosedale points out that the ‘baby-boomer’ generation of teachers is close to retirement age, so the teacher certification program will be critical in replacing those retiring educators.

“We want to support passionate, motivated students who are connected to the North Country,” said Mosedale.

Mosedale says the next NCTCP class will be chosen this fall, with classes beginning in the fall of 2008. Students will complete their program, including student teaching, in the spring of 2010.

“In order to be eligible, students need to either complete the NHTC-Berlin teachers’ preparation program requirements by next fall or have acceptable transfer credits, in addition to passing the PRAXIS I test and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5,” Mosedale said.

For more information about the North Country Teachers Certification Program or to schedule an appointment, contact Irene Mosedale at (603) 535-2836 or email her at

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