On the Road to PSU: BioTour Visits Campus

September 26th, 2008 by Adam

A vegetable-oil-powered school bus and its staff criss-crossing the country espousing environmental sustainability and political action visited Plymouth State University Friday, Sept. 26.

The BioTour tour goal is to spark debate and inspire action concerning the best use of natural resources and meeting human needs with a minimum impact on the planet’s ecology.

“We want to make people aware of alternatives to petroleum and advocating for political candidates who support green energy and green jobs,” said Keith Poole, a San Francisco, Calif., native who is part of the seven-person bus staff. Poole joined BioTour after the bus visited Fullerton Junior College, where he graduated earlier this year.

“They came to my school and I thought it was really awesome,” Poole said.

The former diesel powered school bus was retrofitted to use vegetable oil as a fuel and also utilizes solar panels, located on top of the roof to power electrical needs, like a laptop computer and a rudimentary lighting system.

“It’s very close quarters, the seven people living in it are like a family, so you share everything, “ said Alan Wright, a Seattle, Wash., student who added the BioTour has visited 44 states and travelled completely across the country in the past month.

“We want students to see what the possibilities are, to plant the seed that there is a better way to do things, and maybe they will make some changes in the way they live that will help all of us,” said Erika Gibb of the PSU student group Common Ground.

BioTour staff engaged students on a variety of environmental discussions, as well as a formal presentation on “Climate Change and the Now Generation,”which looked at natural resource depletion, peak oil, climate change, and alternative energies and strategies for living more sustainably.

Since 2006, BioTour has toured the country, visiting high schools, universities, and community gatherings, delivering presentations on renewable energy, sustainable living, peak oil, and climate change, as well as sharing examples of sustainable projects they’ve encountered across the country.

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