Pakistani Teachers at PSU

July 2nd, 2004 by Adam

Ongoing Pakistani Teachers Institute provides opportunities for interaction with large group from another culture – please make them welcome.

Twenty-five Pakistani secondary school teachers and administrators arrived at Plymouth State July 7 for a five-week institute for classroom teacher training, with particular attention in the areas of science, mathematics, English, heritage studies, and educational leadership. Leadership training will prepare candidates to return to Pakistan to train other educators.

The project is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and Mary McNeil (CAGS) is the project director. Area coordinators are Blake Allen, heritage studies; Dick Evans, mathematics and science; and Gaye Gould, teaching in English.

By the time they arrive, our guests will have traveled for some 30 hours (accompanied from London by Gaye Gould), spent up to six hours clearing customs in Washington, D.C., flown on to Boston and been greeted by a team of PSU folks, and bused up to Plymouth. Their first couple of days will be spent in recovering from the travel, getting oriented to the campus, and completing all the requisite paperwork.

Our Pakistani colleagues will be living here on campus, shopping in the local community, etc. A series of teas is being scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and information about those events will be forthcoming. Another opportunity to meet and greet will be Wednesday’s on the Green barbecue’s hosted by Sodexho.

Several articles by Gaye Gould have appeared in recent Plymouth Week newsletters which are archived online at

Considerable information about the history and culture of Pakistan is also online if you are interested in knowing more.