Planetarium Show for March 6 changed to March 8

February 22nd, 2001 by Adam

We are moving the planetarium presentation, “Chandra Revisited,” from this Tuesday evening at 7 PM to this Thursday evening, 3/8, at 7 PM. I am unsure as to
how to advertise this. Thank you for your help. Dennis Machnik

The Planetarium Show will be entitled “Chandra Revisited”, presented by Sally Jean Jensen, NASA Solar System Ambassador. The Chandra Observatory orbits the earth, giving us a view of the heavens in X-Ray wavelengths, impossible to get from the earth. It has been an amazingly successful mission, showing us unprecedented images of spectacularly
powerful objects.

Ms. Jensen will give an update on what Chandra has recently discovered, and also update the spectacularly successful mission NEAR, recently
landed on the asteroid Eros.

A sky talk on the March night skies will follow. A $1 donation is requested. For further information contact Dr. Machnik at 535-2748.