Plymouth State University Faculty Members Honored with Named Professorships

Mary Ann McGarry, Jonathan Dapra and George Pettinico recognized

Plymouth State University has honored three faculty members with named professorships. Mary Ann McGarry, Ed.D. was named the Helen Abbott ’39 Professor of Environmental Studies; and Jonathan Dapra, D.B.A., and George Pettinico, Ph.D., were named O. B. Rosenblum Professors in Business. All will serve three-year terms and will be recognized in spring ceremonies.

“Our faculty members’ dedication to preparing students to be successful after graduation sets Plymouth State University apart,” says Ann McClellan, Ph.D., Associate Provost, Plymouth State University. “The Helen Abbott ’39 Professorship of Environmental Studies and the O. B. Rosenblum Professorship in Business recognize outstanding faculty members for doing just that. Mary Ann McGarry, Jonathan Dapra and George Pettinico demonstrate their commitment to PSU by embracing our Integrated Clusters education approach, which enables students to develop the skills they need to have lasting, positive impacts on their communities.”

McGarry Named Abbott Professor of Environmental Studies

The Helen Abbott ’39 Professorship of Environmental Studies was created by Janice C. Griffith, Professor of Law at Suffolk University in Boston, to honor her childhood teacher, New Hampshire educator Helen Abbott, a Plymouth State graduate. Griffith established the Professorship in 2010 to honor Abbott for her commitment to youth environmental education. The endowed professorship recognizes an exemplary member of the PSU faculty who integrates elements of environmental studies into coursework or research.

Professor Mary Ann McGarry

Mary Ann McGarry is an environmental educator and naturalist in Helen Abbott’s vein. Nominator Sheryl Shirley, Ph.D., praised McGarry for inspiring others across the campus, New England and the world through her multi-phase, interdisciplinary Cluster projects, such as working with students to secure the first “Tree Campus USA” designation in New Hampshire for PSU from the Arbor Day Foundation. McGarry launched and currently serves as the Co-Administrator for the Tourism, Environment and Sustainable Development Cluster, which helps students understand the impacts of change and development, to prepare for new challenges and opportunities, and to produce innovative plans for ensuring sustainability and resiliency through stewardship and entrepreneurship.

Dapra and Pettinico Named Rosenblum Professors of Business

The O. B. Rosenblum Professorship honors its namesake and promotes excellence in the field of business. As an executive with Golden Dawn Foods, Rosenblum pioneered and guided many innovations in both warehousing and transportation. He introduced and developed a variety of human resource management approaches to attract and maintain a diverse workforce. Rosenblum encouraged other businesses to recognize an ever-increasing role for corporate social responsibility to the community. An anonymous donor established the professorship in 2007.

Professor Jonathan Dapra

Prior to joining academia, Jonathan Dapra served as an executive, entrepreneur and investor. He joined PSU in 2017 and has made a positive impact on his department and students. Dapra fosters Cluster projects, leads a consulting course, in which students solve real-world client problems, and is helping to redesign the core business curriculum. He created a course to empower students who did not study business as undergraduates to prepare them for PSU’s new cohort MBA program. He is also developing a small business leadership effectiveness framework and practice, which will be piloted in the town of Plymouth.

Professor George Pettinico

George Pettinico joined the PSU faculty in 2017 because of his desire to work with first-generation college students and his passion for PSU’s innovative Integrated Clusters approach. Pettinico has led three Cluster projects, including customer focus groups for the Grappone Automotive Group, and designed and implemented two new digital marketing courses. He serves as the faculty advisor for COMPASS, PSU’s student digital marketing service company, which currently provides social media management services to four local businesses. He also serves as the Director of the Student Engagement Committee and recently spearheaded the creation of PSU’s new Honors Program.