Presidents’ Fall Dinner a Success

September 8th, 2008 by Adam

More than 300 staff, faculty and administrators celebrated the start of a new academic year Friday, September 6 at the President’s Fall Dinner in the HUB multi-purpose room.

University Provost Dr. Julie Bernier introduced the newest staff, faculty and administration, welcoming them to the PSU community.

President Sara Jayne Steen extended her greetings and noted the Fall Dinner is one of the University’s most joyous events.

“This is truly a wonderful event; it’s an opportunity to bring together the PSU community to celebrate our common cause and our common commitment. I am so grateful to all of you for all you do to make what happens here, happen.”

President Steen also shared with the attendees her recent travels around New Hampshire, and hearing many unsolicited compliments about PSU.

Steen also read excerpts of some letters send to the University complimenting the quality of staff and education, including a Health Human Performance alum, class of ’88, who is now a University Athletic Director, who said, “I am continually impressed with the great things happening at Plymouth State, and I’m so proud of whats being accomplished.”

Here is a list of the new faculty and staff at PSU.

New Faculty-
Katie Rose Boissonneault, Biological Sciences
Patrick S. Bourgeron, Center for the Environment
Patricia L. Brougham, Criminal Justice
Terri L. Dautcher, Business
Dana C. Ernst, Mathematics
Dorothy L. Foley, Business
Aditi Grover, Business
Roger G. Marshall, Computer Science and Technology
Sandra McLaughlin, Education
Emily C. Ricard, Mathematics
Nicholas J. Sevigney, Art
Clarissa M. Uttley, Education
Amanda E. Whitworth, Music, Theatre, and Dance
Bruce W. Wiggett, Business
Francis M. Williams, Criminal Justice
Roxana Wright, Business
Eun-Ho Yeo, Communication and Media Studies

New Full-Time Staff Since September 2007-
Adam M. Backstrom, Information Technology Services
Nina D. Baker, College of Graduate Studies
Keith M. Belmore, Athletics
Laura M. Benoit, Center for Young Children and Families
Briana D. Bradley, Undergraduate Studies
Gregory J. Bradley, Physical Plant
John P. Cerami, Physical Plant
Indira E. Cintron, Physical Plant
Manuel B. Cohen, Physical Plant
James M. Cook, Information Technology Services
Lindsay S. Coyle, Information Technology Services
Tara A. DiSalvo, Office of Sponsored Programs
Charles J. Doyle, College of Graduate Studies
Creig W. Doyle, University Police
Phelan S. DuBois, Physical Plant
Ronald A. Emond, Physical Plant
Thomas J. Gallagher, University Police
Kimberly M. Gammons, Bursar’s Office
Robert D. Giroux, Physical Plant
Danee R. Grillo, Music, Theatre, and Dance
Joseph A. Guerriero, University Police
Louis A. Harrison, University Police
Karen K. Hutchins, College of Graduate Studies
Kelli-Ann Kemery, Physical Plant
Michelle C. Lauriat, College of Graduate Studies
Amy B. Magdich, Physical Plant
Domenica A. Medaglia-Brown, Residential Life
Brett S. Melanson, Physical Plant
William C. Melanson, University Police
Amy J. Morrill, Registrar’s Office
Courtney J. O’Clair, Athletics
Sharon L. Osgood, Human Resources
Karen S. Redd, College of Graduate Studies
Joshua R. Rhoades, Physical Plant
Angela M. Ricciardi, Plymouth Academic Support Services
Alice Richmond, Center for Rural Partnerships
Marc L. Rondeau, Information Technology Services
Thomas J. Sanborn, Physical Plant
Stephen J. Taksar, Finance and Administration
Ellanna M. Tallent, College of Graduate Studies

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