PSC Announces Scholarship Program

October 10th, 2001 by Adam

Plymouth State College President Donald Wharton announced the New Hampshire Top Scholars program . New Hampshire Top Scholars will provide $2,500 scholarships to New Hampshire students who are ranked in the top 15 percent of their graduating class and meet PSC admission requirements beginning fall 2002. The scholarships will be renewable.

“New Hampshire Top Scholars is an opportunity for us to recognize students for their academic achievements, provide an incentive for them to stay in the state to earn their college degrees, and have a positive impact on the New Hampshire workforce of the future,” says Wharton. “Our record of increased standards and performance makes Plymouth State College a better choice for students seeking a college degree.”

Over the last five years, Plymouth State has increasingly raised its admission standards and improved student performance. The new scholarship program is the next step in the process, and an effort to keep New Hampshire students in New Hampshire. Provided a student maintains a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better, the scholarship will be renewed each year for up to four years or $10,000.

New Hampshire Top Scholars is Plymouth State’s effort to further support the KEEP initiative -Knowledge Economy Education Plan for New Hampshire – developed by the University System of New Hampshire (USNH) along with a coalition of New Hampshire business leaders, lawmakers and educators. Its goal was to obtain capital funds for construction and renovation of USNH facilities. Earlier this year the KEEP initiative succeeded in receiving unprecedented support from the legislature with their approval of $100 million over a six-year period. To further fuel the knowledge economy of the state, KEEP wants to provide the skilled workers New Hampshire’s high-tech industry needs.

“Listening to our business leaders, investing in our knowledge economy is something we need to do now,” Wharton says. “Businesses stood by us in supporting KEEP. This is our opportunity to reciprocate and provide the skilled workers they are seeking.”