PSC Art Department Portfolio

February 13th, 2002 by Adam

The Plymouth State College Art Department has implemented a portfolio review for high school and transfer students who apply for admission as art majors. Prospective students may submit either 35mm slides or a digital portfolio or video tape. Evaluation criteria include creativity, skill with media, originality, composition and presentation.

The portfolio will consist of 10-20 items including three required drawings (self-portrait and still life from direct observation and a landscape or architectural subject), plus pieces that represent the applicant’s artistic accomplishments and interests, such as :
— Works in color including oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, etc.

— Three-dimensional objects, either functional or sculptural, in wood, metal, ceramic, plaster, etc.

— Printmaking including etching, intaglio, silkscreen, block prints, etc.

— Photographs, black and white or color
— Video, computer or digitally generated pieces
— Graphic design

The portfolio also must include a written statement outlining the area of art the applicant is interested in studying and what the applicant foresees as a future in the art field.

An applicant who is not granted admission to the Art Department based on this initial portfolio review, but who is admitted to the College, may elect to enroll as an “undecided” major and take foundation level art courses if space is available.

Applicants may then re-submit a portfolio of work from College art classes to apply for admission as a transfer to the Art Department.

Bill Haust, Art Department chair says, “Plymouth has joined most art schools in the country which screen applicants for admission and our department is part of the ongoing movement to increase admission standards.”