PSC Launches New Web Site

October 26th, 2000 by Adam

Ken Kochien

On Friday,
October 27th, 2000, ITS in cooperation with the Office of Public
Relations, activated a new official PSC website.
This new and improved website takes the place of both the
current external and internal websites.

If you encounter
any technical difficulties with the site, please contact ITS’s
new Senior Web Developer, Roderick A. Carder-Russell at

If you have
any suggestions regarding the look or images used on the new
site, please share them with Michele Hutchins of the Office
of Public Relations at

For information
about some of the features of the new site, please read the

New Features:


The navigational click paths and organization reflect a who-you-are
rather than a where-you-are perspective. This should alleviate
some guesswork in finding relevant information. In other
words, if you are a current student, click on “Undergraduate
Students,” or if you are a faculty or staff member, click on
“Faculty and Staff,” at which point you will see familiar
information resources.

News is now featured throughout the site

The new site more accurately reflects the vitality of the PSC
community by bringing PSC news to the homepage as well
as other appropriate pages throughout the site.

and Program descriptions on line

Featured on several pages, but especially important for
Prospective and Current Students is the on-line listing and
description of all PSC courses and programs along with new course
search capabilities.

look and feel

All Academic Departments not only feature a new and similar
look and feel, but also a level of functionality which should
greatly ease navigation. Links to existing department
pages are still available. We intend to help evolve existing
department pages to feature more unique department or discipline


The new PSC banner is superimposed over all existing PSC pages
thereby providing a consistent PSC look throughout the entire
website. The banner not only sports a look consistent
with the current PSC Viewbook, it also provides an additional
navigational “Quick Jump” feature that allows users
to quickly jump to the most frequently used pages on the website.

New site

Many of the new site features use a mySQL database and
PHP (a scripting language). In doing so we have separated some
of the graphic elements of the web site from the data.
This should allow us to more easily change the look in the future,
while continuously building a more functional website.

loading times

As part of the design process, special consideration has been
given to providing content that loads quicker in the most frequently
accessed pages.