PSC Professor Pioneers Printmaking Process

March 8th, 2002 by Adam

Annette W. Mitchell, professor of art at Plymouth State College, has published a book outlining her original process for using polystyrene foam as a printmaking medium.

The book Foam is Where the Art Is – New Ways to Printis the product of seven and a half years of research and development that makes fine art archival prints possible without expensive equipment. The innovative process is a great boon to studio artists and schools working within limited budgets.

Mitchell’s formal training was in traditional printmaking techniques such as stone lithography, etching and aquatint. She applied that knowledge to contemporary materials, resulting in a method quickly embraced by colleagues. She says, “Many of us find ourselves in situations with limited resources, but a need to create fine art. I yearned for a more direct, hands-on method of discovery.”

Colin Dennis of Hignell Book printing in Winnipeg, Canada said, “The book has already created quite a buzz in our office. Not a single person ever imagined the possibilities Mitchell realized. It just goes to show what a powerful combination creativity and vision can make.”

The 8″ X 10″ book contains 71 pages of photography (full color and black and white) and text that outline steps, gives examples and suggests possibilities. The UV laminated cover is wiro bound for studio use.

Foam is Where the Art Is may be purchased online at
or from Color Wheel Publications, P.O. Box 494, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264. The cost is $28.99 plus $3.50 shipping. For information contact Annette W. Mitchell at (603)536-4834.