PSC Theatre Program Helps Kids Solve Problems

October 3rd, 2002 by Adam

TIGER (Theatre Integrating Guidance Education and Responsibility) kicks off its premiere season with a performance of “A Bully Isn’t Your Friend … Yet!” on Wednesday, October 9 in the Heritage Commons, Hall Residence Hall on the Plymouth State College campus. “A Bully Isn’t Your Friend … Yet!” then continues in performances at schools around the state of New Hampshire. Fifty-seven performances have already been booked for this year.

TIGER is a collaboration between the Master of Education programs in counselor education and in integrated arts at Plymouth State College. It was designed to create a forum in which different social issues can be explored. A new topic is chosen every two years.

For “A Bully …” letters with writing prompts were sent to middle schools in New Hampshire to elicit student thoughts about being a bully, being bullied and being a bystander. Hundreds of responses were received, culled and incorporated into the final production, which incorporates live actors, puppets, theatre, movement and music.

“TIGER enables children to hear their own voices as they step back from the trauma of bullying to find peaceful and effective solutions,” explains Associate Professor Trish Lindberg, coordinator of the Masters of Education programs at Plymouth State.

In addition to the performance itself, most schools have also elected to participate in workshops run by actors and faculty members from TIGER. There are separate workshops for students, teachers and parents. The program also offers opportunities for teachers to earn graduate credit for continued study in bullying and conflict resolution.

For more information about the TIGER program, contact PSC Assistant Professor Gail Mears, executive director of TIGER, at 535-2485 or