PSU’s Child Development and Family Center Earns Prestigious Re-Accreditation

November 2nd, 2007 by Adam

Plymouth State University’s Center for Young Children and Families has become one of the first facilities in the nation to receive re-accreditation under new guidelines created by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


“The NAEYC is the world’s largest organization working on behalf of children. Accreditation from this system is a voluntary process. It signifies a high quality program and one that strives to continually improve its services,” said Karen Sanders, the Center’s educational program coordinator.

Sanders said that under the NAEYC’s earlier accreditation guidelines, only 7 percent of the nation’s child care centers had received accreditation and that under the new system, which was introduced this year, that figure could actually decrease.

According to Sanders, the accreditation process takes up to a year and a half, and the center is required to undergo a self-study process involving staff, families and the community. The process also requires NAEYC to approve a child care center’s candidacy for accreditation, and to perform an on-site visit where a facility must show compliance with ten standards involving over 400 criteria.

“The process is much more strict and the accountability higher than ever before,” said Sanders.

Patricia Cantor, chair of Plymouth State’s Department of Education, is equally proud of the Center’s re-accreditation.

“This is considered the highest mark of quality for early childhood education,” said Cantor. She noted that the Center has been accredited by NAEYC since 1995, and cited the high quality education being enjoyed by both children at the center as well as the PSU students who help it function. “We’re preparing a new generation of early childhood teachers,” said Cantor.

The PSU Center for Young Children and Families is part of the University’s Early Childhood Studies Program. Their mission is to provide high quality care to young children and their families, and to provide a model program for the training of students in early childhood. All teachers at the Center hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and must participate in continual professional development to meet accreditation requirements and also to help them better understand and support PSU’s Early Childhood Studies program. Historically, the Center has drawn about half of its children from the local area, with the other half being children of PSU employees and students.

“The program is an important and positive link with the town of Plymouth and surrounding communities,” said Sanders.

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