PSU’s Jim Hundrieser Edits “Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration”

January 30th, 2013 by blyndes

Plymouth, N.H.- Institutions of higher learning across much of America have a big problem; the number of high school students is dropping. For the first time in 15 years, total enrollment at American colleges and universities eligible for federal financial aid fell slightly from the year before, according to the U.S. Education Department. That means competition for qualified students is on the rise and colleges and universities are rethinking their strategies in order to attract enough students to maintain their programs. Schools nationwide realize their futures depend on making the right decisions in student recruitment. What works and what doesn’t?

Plymouth State University’s Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, Jim Hundrieser, has edited a book, Strategic Enrollment Planning: A Dynamic Collaboration, that provides valuable insights on effective college recruitment in the 21st century.

Dr. Jim Hundrieser

“The goal of this book was to help practitioners on many levels better understand the fundamentals of strategic enrollment management and the role everyone truly plays in building a future state for the organization,” Hundrieser said.
A team of diverse college enrollment leaders and higher education thought leaders contributed chapters to the book.  Through the contributing authors’ campus and consulting experience, Strategic Enrollment Planning presents a detailed examination on this complex yet vital process that, when conducted correctly, transforms institutions from their current state to what they wish to become, while examining key topics such as:

Creating a multiyear, data-informed plan;
Assessing an institution’s current state;
Analyzing key metrics such as market demand, market need, student recruitment, student persistence and completion, and academic and co-curricular offerings;
Establishing key metrics to guide planning and assess progress;
Creating buy-in among campus stakeholders; and
Making planning a living process that evolves with the institution.

Hundrieser notes the fundamental key to successful recruitment starts with colleges and universities learning to gather pertinent data and cooperate and communicate within their own organization.

“The only way for campuses to improve is to move past the silos and into a future state where they see their integrating systems, services and programs. Setting benchmarks, constantly monitoring them, and pushing the organization to a higher level requires data, data, data.  Organizations are only as good as their focus on data and using it to inform decisions.”

Hundrieser’s expertise stems from decades of experience; he was a vice president at Noel-Levitz, a higher education consulting firm, where he also served as executive consultant and associate vice president. At Noel-Levitz he led the enrollment planning consulting team, working with college and university clients nationwide in developing comprehensive and data-informed strategic enrollment plans. Hundrieser earned a master of education from PSU in 1990 where he was also an admission intern and a residence director between 1987 and 1990. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Northern Michigan University and a PhD in leadership and education from Barry University (FL) He joined Plymouth State University as a Vice President in July, 2012.

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