PSU and SNHU Professors Honor Old Man of the Mountain in Song

May 6th, 2004 by Adam

Dr. Duncan McDougall, professor of business administration at Plymouth State University, and Dr. Burton Kaliski, professor of business education at Southern New Hampshire University, are paying tribute to New Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountain through song.

McDougall and Kaliski have written “The Old Man’s Song” to honor the fallen granite icon. They expect it to be available for purchase soon; both have pledged the proceeds from the first year of sales to their respective universities.

The song is sung to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey:”
The Old Man’s Song© 2003, all rights reserved. Performed by Nika Garcia (voice) and Brian McDougall (guitar)

On top of Mount Cannon, All covered with snow, We saw your stern visage, From viewpoints below.

To honor your profile, In summer and fall, State troopers and veterans, Saluted you all.

But nature was fickle, And time did its deed. Erosion was noted, Its warnings we heed.

We try to support you, With cables and strings.But nature provided, So many wet springs.

So was it an earthquake? Or thunder on high? What shook your foundation? What caused you to die?

For so go all creatures, Of flesh or of stone. We honor your memory, We of blood and bone.

You lived free, then died here, New Hampshire your home.
Our icon in granite, On old Cannon’s dome.

Listen to the song online at Those interested in obtaining a CD may contact McDougall at