PSU Art Faculty Show and Tell during 2011 Faculty Exhibition opening Nov. 1

October 12th, 2011 by Elizabeth

Annette Mitchell, "Acoustic Notation," mixed media

Plymouth, N.H. The 2011 Faculty Exhibition from November 1 through December 10 wraps up fall semester gallery offerings with works by Plymouth State University faculty created outside the classroom.

This popular annual exhibition provides an opportunity for students and members of the PSU  community to become better acquainted with members of the Department of Art’s talented faculty as artists working in a variety of media.

Gallery coordinator Terry Downs, who is also an exhibitor, says, “Each year the art faculty at Plymouth State University shares the fruits of their creativity with the incoming class of young artists through the annual faculty exhibition. The faculty and their artwork are very diverse. They come from many places and cultures to teach here at PSU. Sculpture, photography, ceramic forms, collage, drawing, printmaking, painting and graphic design of many different styles and techniques will be on display. This broad presentation lends inspiration to the students’ work during the year. It also permits the public to experience the cultural resource and dynamic creativity of the art faculty here at PSU.”


Elizabeth D'Amico, "Bird Factory," collage detail

As a direct result of her teaching experiences, Elizabeth D’Amico continues to explore a variety of media for her own artistic expression. Her body of work includes printmaking, painting, sculpture, collage, ceramics and photography. D’Amico is particularly concerned with reclaiming and recycling, and sees her work as being part of that whole process.

Photographer John Anderson’s says his art “has always been quiet and peaceful.” He seeks out settings and places to record where he can find peace. “Living in New Hampshire allows me to fulfill this search many times over,” he says.

Henrieke Strecker, also a photographer, says, “My intention is not to document an isolated moment or paint a realistic picture like a report. Rather, I want to give an account of small movements and atmospheres, and share what I have experienced within that time. I want my observers to get in touch with the images so that they will find their own story.”

Bill Haust, "Studio with Apples," drawing

Bill Haust’s drawings explore the interrelationship between art and nature, between the material and the spiritual worlds that exist beyond the surface. “Drawing allows me an intensely personal way to document my responses to my life,” Haust says.

Exhibitor Maria Minickiello believes that “using one’s own imagination and creativity is essential to living with passion in this crazy and chaotic world. I am a promoter of creative thought and action. My collages typically begin with one image that evokes something in me and then I expand upon that image by adding to it. I am particularly drawn to working in the same color palette or with a theme for each collage.

The landscape contains a wealth of information that Kathi Smith constantly attempts to organize.  She says, “I seek complicated spaces with an abundance of information and consider it my task as an artist to find order in such places. …I revel in the in-between spaces, often beyond the subject itself. These are the places I am not sure people take the time to notice, but I am captivated with them for hours.”

Annette Mitchell is known for her foam block prints and a book and DVD, Foam is Where the Art Is­—New Ways to Print. Recently she has been creating artwork that integrates her foam block prints with low-relief constructions made of polystyrene. “These abstract forms suggest a reorganization of visual memories,” Mitchell says. “In Acoustic Notation there are suggestions of stringed instruments and the flow of the music itself.”

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