PSU Featured at Middle East Educational Conference

January 10th, 2008 by Adam


PLYMOUTH, N.H.- PSU’s ground breaking strategy to stay connected with alumni via the Web is making news in higher education circles around the world. PSU Alumni Relations director Henry ‘Joe’ Long recently traveled to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to present the University’s high-tech method of staying connected to alumni.

“It essentially extends our web portal to alumni for the rest of their lives,” said Long. “By extending our community services to alumni, we enable alumni to maintain contact with PSU and the PSU community along with the suite of services they have been using as students.”

Long also points out that PSU’s Career Management Services are available to students through myPlymouth. “Alumni can continue to access their career portfolio after graduation,” noted Long. “Alumni can instantly update the contact information and search for classmates. Alumni can visit their own individual class or affinity group (like volleyball or Alternative Spring Break) and check out posted photos, chat with other alumni and get the most up-to-the-minute news on classmates and friends. Alumni can use myPlymouth to access their lifetime PSU email accounts and keep up-to-date with the most recent news about PSU. Extending our portal to our alums is unique because it is one product from the time they’re students through their alumni years.”

Long also notes it is critical to establish contact with new alumni, to continue a relationship that benefits both PSU and its graduates.

“It is most difficult to maintain contact with alumni during their first five years after graduation,” Long said. “By utilizing myPlymouth and extending our services, we are maintaining contact with many more recent alumni.”

Long made his presentation in mid-December at the SunGard Higher Education Middle East Users Group annual conference in Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, where nearly 350 faculty and staff from 20 Middle Eastern institutions of higher learning attended. Sungard is an important partner with PSU, helping the University build, unify and manage its digital campus by improving constituent services, increased accountability and better educational experiences.

Ken Kochien, PSU’s IT manager, notes the evolution of technology and increasing user familiarity makes it easier to provide these kind of services and that today’s students are expecting online services.

“Current students and recent grads are digital natives, so this is how future alums, 30-40 years from now, will engage with the institution, using these technologies,” Kochien said.

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