PSU Financial Aid and Bursars Office Hosts Student Artwork

December 8th, 2006 by Adam

Who says a University’s bursars and financial aid office has to be a stuffy, boring workspace?

Not the Plymouth State University Art and Art History club, who transformed those offices into an art exhibition space with the creation of three large murals depicting the school’s iconic image, Rounds Hall.

The semester-long joint project involved about twenty students, who created the three 3 foot high by 8 foot long images of the past, present and future of Rounds Hall. The murals are comprised of tempera, ceramic and acrylic materials, affected with cubist and realism styles.

“The entire school revolves around it, it’s the original building on campus, nearly every student has a class in it, it seemed like a great subject,” said Anthony Cormier, Art Club president.

Art Department chair Dr. Cynthia Vascak applauded the students work, saying, “I’m extremely proud of their commitment to celebrating student work and beginning the initiative of creating thematic murals across campus.”

Financial Aid employee Angela Torsey originally suggested placement of the murals to the Art Department, who then enlisted the artistic efforts of the Art and Art History Club.

The murals are mounted below the service windows in the Financial Aid and Bursars office on the first floor of Speare.

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