PSU Graduate Student Featured in Winter Issue of Natural New England

January 18th, 2006 by Adam

Stacy Luke, from Rumney, is featured in the winter issue of Natural New England magazine for her work as a graduate student at Plymouth State University and research associate with the Squam Lakes Association.

Luke is among the first students enrolled in PSU’s new Master of Science in environmental science and policy degree program, which is coordinated by PSU’s Center for the Environment, established in 2004. She divides her time between graduate-level classes, her own graduate research project and her position with the Squam Lakes Association, a mostly volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the health of the Squam Lakes of New Hampshire. Her work is featured in the “University Research” section of Natural New England, a quarterly magazine covering outdoor activities and natural science topics throughout New England.

Luke earned her bachelor’s in biology from Boston University in 1997, and a master’s degree in education from Plymouth State in 2002. In between formal education programs she has worked as a field biologist, a para-taxonomist, a non-profit administrator and fundraiser and secondary school teacher.

“Ultimately I plan to earn a Ph.D. and my plan is to teach and do research and be out in the field, all within a university community,” she said. “I might very well stay right here in this community where I grew up. I like it here. I’m sure I’ll always be in the Northeast and I like the idea of helping the community in which I live.”

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