PSU Planetarium Program on Asteroids

April 7th, 2004 by Adam

The Mark T. Sylvestre Planetarium at Boyd Science Center will present Asteroids: What Are They, How Do We Find Them, Will One Hit Us, What Can We Do About It? at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 13 at Boyd Science Center.

Planetarium Director Dennis Machnik says, “As telescopes get better and better, we are able to find more and more things in space. Many of these things are very far away, but some are close, uncomfortably so in some cases. Movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact have made us very aware of what would happen if something big were to strike the Earth. But these are works of fiction, so exactly how accurate are they? “

Machnik will discuss the problems, “how likely is an impact, how are we looking out for one and how we can prepare?” In addition he will show the night sky for April, provide star maps, and tell about what is coming up in the near future in the sky.

The talk is designed for the general public, and admission is free. For more information call Dennis Machnik at 535-2748, or