PSU Police Chief Honored By Peers

October 6th, 2006 by Adam

PSU Chief of Police John E. Clark was given an “Outstanding Service” award from the New Hampshire Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators in a recent ceremony.

The organization is comprised of the law enforcement leadership of New Hampshire’s
10 institutions of higher learning. Clark has served as the organization’s president for the past three years.

The award cites Clark’s leadership, invaluable advice in designing training priorities, developing a mission statement with his colleagues and enhancing the budget, as well as advocating a specialized one-week public safety academy course for college and university law enforcement professionals.

“I’m very pleased, it was an honor to be elected by my colleagues, we worked together to enhance our membership in the organization and meet the expectations of public safety at New Hampshire’s institutions of higher learning,” says Clark.

Clark has been PSU’s Chief of Police for nine years.