PSU Professor Anil Waghe Speaks at National Science Teaching Meet

April 3rd, 2009 by Adam

Dr. Anil Waghe from the Plymouth State University Atmospheric Science and Chemistry department presided over a session on ‘Analogical Approach to General Chemistry Teaching’ at the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) 2009 National Conference on Science Education in New Orleans, March 22. This is the third consecutive year Dr. Waghe was invited to preside over a chemistry session at NSTA national meeting. Waghe’s presentation focused on teaching chemistry in a ‘student friendly’ way.

“Teaching general chemistry is always a challenging task for any teacher in any university,” Waghe said. “Many students have little or no background of chemistry and math. The ‘hands on,’ or analogical approach, is gaining popularity and many schools are moving towards it.”

Waghe said Plymouth State students receive a solid basis in science instruction, compared to many other schools.

“Big universities are focusing on research and moving away from teaching,” said Waghe. “PSU has a diverse population of students who can really verify the validity of various methods. We are always striving for better methods to teach harder subjects to the student population. Newer approaches are more important to the universities like PSU than anyone else.”

Prior to joining the PSU faculty, Waghe was a Dreyfus Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Oklahoma where he worked in the area of surfactants and environmental science. Dr. Waghe won several Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards at the University of Maine, and he also served as a research assistant. He also has prior industrial experience as a scientist and chemist in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Previously, Dr. Waghe presided at the Boston and St. Louis NSTA national meetings.

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