PSU Professor Attends Romanticism Conference

October 25th, 2006 by Adam

An adjunct English professor is representing Plymouth State University at the International Conference on Romanticism at Arizona State University, November 9-12. Ron Kaiser Jr. says romanticism is a key area of study for many different elements of academia.

“Romanticism refers to the historical period dating roughly 1780-1830. Romanticism marks the point in which people were exploring their interiors, and psychology is a result of this. The sublime, the imagination, and our relationship to nature was redefined, with a conspicuous lack of organized religion, such as Christianity. Some would venture that Romanticism is another term for modernity,” said Kaiser.

The 2006 International Conference on Romanticism in Tempe, Ariz., will focus on the artistic, musical, philosophical, poetic, political, and/or theological aspects of romanticism. As well, the conference seeks to explore the ways that Romantic Studies itself pursues analogous forms of engagement with the world.

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