PSU Recognizes Retirees and Longtime Employees

November 18th, 2010 by Adam

Plymouth State University President Sara Jayne Steen recognized approximately 100 longtime employees and retirees in a Nov. 18 ceremony.

President Steen with 40 year employees
PSU President Sara Jayne Steen with Plymouth State employees celebrating their 40th year at the institution. Left to right,President Sara Jayne Steen, Michael Fischler, Education, Charles Brown, Lamson Library and Learning Commons, Loretta Muzzey, Business Office and Douglas Fife, Psychology.

Steen thanked employees for their dedication and provided each of them with a gift for their service to the University.

“Recognition day is the kind of tradition that makes Plymouth State University special,” Steen said. “We are all here on the same mission – to prepare students to make a better world for the next generation. Recognition day is our chance to say thank you to our faculty and staff; it is an opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have created an environment that offers students an opportunity to excel and succeed. On behalf of everyone at Plymouth State University, thank you.”

Steen also announced that the President’s office will make a monetary donation to the student support foundation in lieu of a rose for each landmark year recipient, to honor the University’s commitment to service and to sustainability.

Employees with landmark 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service and retirees include:


Mehmet Canlar – College of Business Administration

Michael Clark – University Police

William Crangle – Office of Environmental Sustainability

Barbara Fahey – Business Office

Richard Hage – Student Affairs

Joanne Hoyt – Physical Plant

Donna Kelley – Mathematics

Frank Kinne – Physical Plant

Barton Macchiette – College of Business Administration

David McDougal – Psychology

Frederick Portnoy – Information Technology

10-Year Recognition

Chris Bennington – Accounts Payable

Keith Braley – Sodexo

Mary Cornish – Education

Robin DeRosa – English

Susan Dionne – Physical Plant

Thomas Driscoll – Art

Crystal Finefrock – Financial Aid Office

Joye Foote – Human Resources

Eric Hoffman – Atmospheric Science and Chemistry

Susan Jarosz – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Gina Kelly – Counseling and Human Relations

John Krueckeberg – History and Philosophy

Joyce Larson – Registrar’s Office

Philip Lonergan – Art

Patrick May – Social Science

Craig Nevins – Social Science

Susan Paquette – Bursar’s Office

Dana Perkins – Sodexo

Patrice Plante – Human Resources

Randy Szabadics – Hartman Union Building

Angela Torsey – Financial Aid Office

15-Year Recognition

Danny Avery – Hartman Union Building

Shaughn Bolton – Biological Sciences

Kevin Boswell – Physical Plant

Robert Bruemmer – Silver Center for the Arts

Brenda Clayton – Registrar’s Office

William Crangle – Office of Environmental Sustainability

Lynn Cuda – Campus Services

Maurice Day – Financial Aid Office

William Dullea – Physical Plant

Gary Goodnough – College of Graduate Studies

JoAnn Guilmett – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Robert Heiner – Social Science

Joanne Hoyt – Physical Plant

Kenneth Jensen – Physical Plant

Kathryn Melanson – Social Science

Steffan O’Sullivan – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Donald Perrin – Physical Plant

Roger Scroggins – College of Graduate Studies

Sheryl Shirley – Social Science

Alice Staples – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Bethany Stevens – Admissions

Kate Switzer – University Bookstore

20-Year Recognition

Don Bailey – Computer Science and Technology

Deborah Burnell – College of Business Administration

Patricia Cantor – Education

Stuart Crowell – Silver Center for the Arts

Lauren Dadmun – Art

Grace Fraser – Social Science

Donna Kelley – Mathematics

Anne Lebreche – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Patricia Lindberg – Education

Dennis Machnik – Atmospheric Science and Chemistry

Tamara Mahoney – Business Office

Joseph Monninger – English

Daniel Moore – Academic Affairs

Thomas Morin – Information Technology Services

Raymond Perkins – History and Philosophy

Richard Pfenninger – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Theron Reed – Physical Plant

Paul Rogalus – English

Rachel Roy – Physical Plant

Zhizhang Shen – Computer Science and Technology

Maryann Szabadics – College of Graduate Studies

Orvell Tyrrell – Physical Plant

Sarah Vittum – Physical Plant

Theodore Wisniewski – Information and Technology

25-Year Recognition

Larry Blaine – Mathematics

Edward Harding – College of Business Administration

Terri Lessard – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Cynthia Moniz – Social Work

Frederick Prince – Biological Sciences

David Zehr – Undergraduate Studies

30-Year Recognition

Kathleen Arecchi – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Michael Couvillion – College of Business Administration

Ruth DeCotis – Global Education Office

Richard Hunnewell – Art

Louise McCormack – Health and Human Performance

35-Year Recognition

Eugene Fahey – Admissions

Joel Funk – Psychology

Mary-Ellen Godville – Accounts Payable

Richard Hage – Student Affairs

Judith Landry – Business Office

Terence Murphy – College of Business Administration

40-Year Recognition

Charles Brown – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Douglas Fife – Psychology

Michael Fischler – Education

Loretta Muzzey – Business Office

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