PSU Recognizes Retirees and Longtime Employees

November 17th, 2011 by blyndes

Plymouth, N.H.  ––Plymouth State University President Sara Jayne Steen recognized approximately 100 longtime University employees and retirees in a Nov. 15 ceremony at Heritage Commons. More than 100 co-workers, friends, and family members attended the annual event.

Steen thanked employees for their dedication and provided each of them with a gift for service to the University. She also noted that the retirees cumulatively have provided 551 years of service to PSU.

“We have a tradition here of people who stay, of people who are committed,” Steen said. “This is a place where people care and students succeed. We are all here on the same mission–we are creating an environment in which our students can learn and excel.”

Peng-Khuan Chong and PSU President Sara Jayne Steen

“I wouldn’t be here without good friends and wonderful people who helped me along and really cared for me,” said Chong. “I sense that we all have tremendous faith in, respect for, and optimism about this place, and that’s why I stay.”

Employees with landmark 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service and retirees include


Thomas Anderson – Physical Plant

Colleen Brickley – College of Business Administration

Janice Comeau – Physical Plant

Gerard Corcoran – Music, Theatre, and Dance

C. Lynn Davis – Education

Ruth DeCotis – Global Education Office

Marianne Derosia – Physical Plant

Arthur Fried – English

Robert Garlitz – English

William Haust – Art

William Kietzman – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Naomi Kline – Art

Carol Ann Kuzdeba – Human Resources

Deb Leblanc – Residential Life

Barbara Noyes – Silver Center for the Arts

William Roberts – Mathematics

Steven Sweedler – Physical Plant

Maryann Szabadics – College of Graduate Studies

Wayne Vlk – Physical Plant

Recognition Award Recipients

10-year recognition

Liz Ahl – English

Cheryl Baker – College of Graduate Studies

Frances Bean – Admissions

Patrick Cate – University Studies

Eric Gibbs – Athletics

Antoinette Goss – Physical Plant

Nieves Greene – Sodexo

Darcy Hoffman – University Advancement

Bindy Hurd – Sodexo

Jong-Yoon Kim – Art

Meredith Leighton – Center for Young Children and Families

Liesl Lindley – Health and Human Performance

Judith Macord – Health and Wellness Center

Elena Marrotte – Sodexo

Susan St. Goddard – Sodexo

Delilah Smith – SAGE Center

Pamela Stearns – Art

Jack Toomey – Sodexo

Tony Trodella – Admissions

Amy Ueland – Biological Sciences

15-year recognition

Joan Bowers – English

Dawn Boynton – Mathematics

Tamara Cocchiarella – Frost School

Allan DiBiase – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Bruce Heald – History and Philosophy

Brian Healy – Psychology

Heather Huckins – Financial Services

Terri Johnson – Counseling and Human Relations Center

Susan Keefe – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

D. Matthew Kizer – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Scott Maltzie – History and Philosophy

Barbara Lopez-Mayhew – Languages and Linguistics

Joseph Mealey – English

Gail Mears – College of Education, Health, and Human Services

Jay Moskowitz – Art

Leo Sandy – College of Graduate Studies

Marge Spead – Sodexo

Evelyn Stiller – Communication and Media Studies

Sarah Valenti-Dallon – Sodexo

Karen Weldon – Silver Center for the Arts

20-year recognition

Gerard Buteau – Education

Gerard Corcoran – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Robert Gannett – Center for Young Children and Families

Deb Gibson – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Linda Levy – Health and Human Performance

Jon Maatta – Mathematics

Kenneth Malloy – Physical Plant

Maxy Olcott – Information Technology Services

Daniel Perkins – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Meg Petersen – English

Lynn Rudmin-Chong – English

Mark Turski – Environmental Science and Policy

Cynthia Vascak – College of Arts and Sciences

25-year recognition

Bonnie Breen-Wagner – English

Janice Carlson – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Kathleen Lambert – Athletics

Edna Merrill – Health and Wellness Center

Barbara Noyes – Silver Center for the Arts

Kathryn Otto – University Advancement

Marlene Santoro – Physical Plant

Susan Swope – Atmospheric Science and Chemistry

Kathleen Vestal – Teacher Certification

Thomas Weeks – Residential Life

30-year recognition

Joyce Bruce – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

Joseph Clark Sr. – Health and Human Performance

Jon Graton – Information Technology Services

George McMinemen – Sodexo

Wendy Palmquist – Psychology

Ann Thurston – Academic Affairs

35-year recognition

Thomas Anderson – Physical Plant

Cheryl Landroche – Sodexo

Robert Miller – Education

Steven Sweedler – Physical Plant

40-year recognition

John Downs – Art

Richard Evans – College of Graduate Studies

David Haight – History and Philosophy

Susan O’Callaghan – Admissions

William Roberts – Mathematics

45-year recognition

Peng-Khuan Chong – Social Science