PSU Recognizes Retirees and Longtime Employees

November 14th, 2008 by Adam

PLYMOUTH, N.H.-Plymouth State University President Sara Jayne Steen recognized dozens of longtime employees and retirees in a Nov. 13 ceremony.

Steen personally thanked each employee for their dedication and provided each of them with a gift for their service to the University.

“Recognition day is the kind of tradition that makes Plymouth State University unique,” Steen said. “We are all here on the same mission – to prepare students to make a better world for the next generation. Recognition day is our chance to say thank you to our faculty and staff; it is an opportunity to express our gratitude to those of you who have created an environment that offers students an opportunity to excel and succeed. On behalf of everyone at Plymouth State University, thank you.”

Steen also announced that the President’s office will make a monetary donation to the student support foundation in lieu of a rose for each landmark year recipient, to honor the University’s commitment to service and to sustainability.

In photo below, President Sara Jayne Steen, left, with 35-year employees Carleen Graff, Betsy Cheney and Darlene Brill.

Employees with landmark 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service and retirees include:


Wavell Fogleman – Atmospheric, Science and Chemistry
Patricia Hage – Plymouth Academic Support Services
Stephen Lambert – Bagley Center
Mary McNeil – College of Graduate Studies
Emelio Medaglia – Physical Plant
Marlene Stuart – Plymouth Academic Support Services
Joan Wiegers – Music, Theatre, and Dance

Recognition Award Recipients

10-Year Recognition

Casey Bisson – Information Technology Services
Jeannie Bourque – Sodexo
Dean Cascadden – College of Graduate Studies
Eve-Ellen Cole – Information Technology Services
Irene Cucina – Health and Human Performance
Monica Dupree – Sodexo
Mark Evans – Physical Plant
Wendy Hartke – Center for Young Children and Families
Jane Kellogg – Education
Frank Kinne – Physical Plant
Lauren Lavigne – Athletics
Judy Lavoie – College of Graduate Studies
Cathie LeBlanc – Communication and Media Studies
Moira Long – Athletics
Sandy Marrotte – Sodexo
Carla Maslakowski – College of Graduate Studies
Kathleen McCabe – College of Graduate Studies
Michael Morgan – College of Graduate Studies
Irene Mosedale – Education
Ellie Papazoglou – College of Graduate Studies
Pearl Sandy – College of Graduate Studies
Debra Regan – Bagley Center
Christine Rosset – Lamson Library and Learning Commons
Diane Tiffany – Advancement
Bobbi-Jo Watkins – Student Affairs
Pamela Wells – Residential Life
Joan Wirth – Art
Linda Wirth – Admission

15-Year Recognition

Richard Ayers – College of Graduate Studies
Jack Barry – Math Activities Center
Colleen Brickley – Business
Ronald Carpenter – Physical Plant
Roland Chierichetti – Public Safety/University Police
Diane Jeffrey – Silver Center for the Arts
James Leonard – Physical Plant
Xiaoxiong Li – Social Science
David Martin – Art
Doug McDonald – College of Graduate Studies
Daphne Morin – Lamson Library and Learning Commons
Nancy Puglisi – College of Graduate Studies
Thomas Wachsmuth – Health and Human Performance

20-Year Recognition

Julie Bernier – Academic Affairs
Mehmet Canlar – Business
Deborah Cole – Student Union
April Currier – Physical Plant
Marianne Derosia – Physical Plant
Peter Drexel – Computer Science and Technology
Jim Koermer – Atmospheric Science and Chemistry
Duncan McDougall – Business
David Megin – Bulk Mail Center
Bryon Middlekauff – Social Science
Warren Tomkiewicz – Environmental Science and Policy
Debra Underwood – Residential Life
Kathi Weeks – Bursar’s Office
Don Williams – Music, Theatre, and Dance
Stacey Yap – Social Science

25-Year Recognition

Trent Boggess – Business
Michelle Fistek – Social Science
Marcia Huckins – Center for Young Children and Families
Soo Jang – Business
Roger Kleinpeter – Computer Science and Technology

30-Year Recognition

Christopher Buckley – English
Robert Egbert – Social Science
Barbara Fahey – Business Office
Mark Gilman – Sodexo
Stephen Lambert – Bagley Center
David Leuser – Business
Gary McCool – Lamson Library and Learning Commons

35-Year Recognition

Darlene Brill – Student Affairs
Betsy Cheney – Public Relations
Carleen Graff – Music, Theatre, and Dance

For more information about this release, contact Bruce Lyndes, PSU Media Relations Mgr., (603) 535-2775 or Bruce Lyndes