PSU Students and Faculty Present Biology Research

May 4th, 2006 by Adam

Biology students and faculty at ENEBC conference 2006

Attending the 2006 ENEBC Conference: (L-R)Front row, Dr. Kerry Yurewicz, Missy Fales, Laura Webb, Kara Hewes, Casey Doyle, Ashley Dembisky, Alicia Pasquerillo. Back row, Dr. Chris Chabot, Nick Gagnon, Conor O’Donnell, Meaghan Lermond, Andrew Moore, Devin Connolly, Sean Kelley.

On April 23, 12 PSU biology students and two faculty members attended the 64th annual Eastern New England Biological Conference (ENEBC), at Simmons College in Boston. This year’s conference included more than 70 oral and poster presentations by students from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The students spoke highly of the experience they gained by attending the conference. For Missy Fales, “attending the conference was a really great way to get formally acquainted with the scientific research field. It was amazing to see all of the interesting and cutting edge ideas students were doing research on.” Fales added that the conference was an “opportunity for the students and faculty of Plymouth to represent their institution and share with the greater academic community the great work we are doing here.” .

For Laura Webb, a second-time attendee at the ENEBC, the best part about attending a conference is “getting to put your work out there and see what other students at other universities are working on. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to present my work to other people who are interested in the biological sciences.”.

Students also expressed pride at the way in which the group represented Plymouth State University. Alicia Pasquerillo noted, “We presented ourselves very professionally, the extent of our work was impressive, we had great advisors, and all this together made me proud to be a student here at PSU.” .

Posters from these presentations are displayed in the first and second floor hallways of the Boyd Science Building. The presentations included:

  • “The Effect of Water Temperature on Rhythms of Locomotion in Limulus polyphemus” by Casey Doyle, Kara Hewes, Andrew Moore and Chris Chabot
  • “The Effects of Photoperiod and Tidal Cues on Heart Rate and Locomotor Activity in Limulus polyphemus” by Nick Gagnon, Conor O’Donnell, Missy Fales and Chris Chabot.
  • “Locomotor Activity Patterns of the Halloween Crab (Gecarcinus quadratus) Under Light-Dark and Constant Conditions” by Sean Kelley, Devin Connolly, Ashley Dembisky, Meaghan Lermond and Chris Chabot
  • “Relationships Between Canopy Cover, Habitat Permanence and the Distribution of Hemipterans (Class: Insecta) in Michigan Ponds” by Alicia Pasquerillo and Kerry Yurewicz.
  • “Daily and Circadian Rhythms of Locomotion and Heart Rate in the American Lobster, Homarus americanus” by Laura Webb and Chris Chabot.

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