PSU students and Staff Working Together to Keep Celebrations Positive

October 27th, 2004 by Adam

Plymouth State University Vice President for Student Affairs Dick Hage says that University students, officials and police are working together with Plymouth Police to ensure both public and campus safety throughout the remaining games of the World Series.

Sixteen arrests, 14 of them students, resulted from incidents on- and off-campus on October 20 when the Red Sox clinched the ALCS pennant.

Hage says the campuswide Reverse the Curse taskforce has expanded on campus events planned in conjunction with broadcast of the remaining games. Hours of the event will be extended to include the post-game period and for Wednesday and Thursday the gathering has been moved to a larger venue in the student center. Activities include, large-screen projection of the games, raffles, food and give-aways.

Initiatives to educate students about responsible behavior and the consequences of inappropriate behavior are ongoing, both in one-to-one conversations and in communications to all students.

In a letter to students after the October 20 incident, Plymouth State President Don Wharton said, “The behavior of those PSU students who participated in the riot is inexcusable and unacceptable. It will not be tolerated by the University or the community. … Plymouth State students deserve better than they have gotten from the rioters. PSU students deserve a campus free of violence, free from mob psychology, free from the kind of blame that will now attach to all students because of the irresponsible actions of some students. I urge all PSU students to reflect carefully and thoughtfully, and resolve to positively influence each other so that in the future we all can be proud of our University.”

Hage reiterated that students who are involved in these dangerous large gatherings can be suspended or expelled for instigating or inciting riotous behavior, interfering with a police officer’s performance of duty, throwing bottles, cans or other objects, refusing to abide by the lawful order of police, starting or contributing to a fire, setting off fireworks or vandalism.”
Six students have been suspended as of this morning and it is likely that more suspensions will follow.