PSU Unveils New my.Plymouth

August 4th, 2004 by Adam

Plymouth State University unveiled the new look and feel of the my<br />

Plymouth State University unveiled the new look and feel of the my.Plymouth
web portal. ITS staff, in partnership with SCT-Sunguard, our Banner application
vendor, worked together to bring a modern campus information portal to PSU.

The new look to my.Plymouth allows campus users with a secure, single point
of entry to Banner Services, WebCT, Library resources, email, calendars and a
host of self-selected information resources. Users can also access their files
and documents stored on network drives from remote sites.

By using the my.Plymouth portal, users also go through campus announcements
and other news specifically targeted to them. Students will see news and events
applicable for them, as will faculty, staff and later alumni, prospective
students, and parents.

Users now have the ability to pick and choose some of the information you see
upon logging in to my.Plymouth. This is particularly useful if you routinely go
to some sites and if you want to place information there relevant to you, your
work and your interests. You can also select where on the screen you want your
information. After logging in, click on the ‘Content/Layout’ link in the upper
left corner of your screen. That takes you to a screen where you can move things
around, add or delete ‘channels’ and mix it up according to what works for you.
More tips and Help is available on the HELP tab.

We welcome your comments on my.Plymouth. Your

, positive and constructive, will help us continue to serve the
campus better.

Dwight Fischer
Chief Information Officer