PSU-Whole Village Partnership

August 26th, 2004 by Adam

A recently formed partnership between Plymouth State University’s M.Ed. in Counselor Education program and the Whole Village Family Resource Center will soon be providing counseling services to the community, while enabling counseling students to gain valuable clinical experience.

“The clinic will be staffed by the core faculty of our Counselor Education program, and by counselors-in-training,” explains Gail Mears, coordinator of graduate mental health counseling programs and director of the clinic.

“The center will provide space for the clinic, and it will serve as a training facility for our counselors-in-training during their 100-hour practicum.”

Mears and Counselor Education Coordinator Gary Goodnough are meeting with community and campus service providers to identify potential unmet counseling needs that could be provided through the clinic. Services provided by counselors-in-training will be closely supervised by PSU counseling faculty.

The next six weeks will be spent in preparing the clinic space and finalizing program details. Counseling services are expected to begin in October.