PSU’s Cresta L. Lamontagne Wins 2010 Sara Jayne Steen Operating Staff Service Award

November 10th, 2010 by Adam

A Building Service worker who is working toward a degree at Plymouth State University was named the 2010 Sara Jayne Steen Operating Staff Service Award (SJSOSS) winner.

PSU President Sara Jayne Steen presents 2010 Distinguished OS Service Award to Cresta Lamontagne
Left to right, PSU President Sara Jayne Steen presents 2010 Distinguished OS Service Award to Cresta Lamontagne

Cresta Lamontagne began her employment as a Building Service Worker in May, 2007 and less than a year later she was promoted to the position of Lead Worker of Building Services. In addition to working full-time at PSU, she has been a student since the summer of 2008. In the fall of 2009, Cresta matriculated as a part-time, non-traditional student, majoring in Women’s Advocacy through Interdisciplinary Studies. Lamontagne said she is grateful to have an opportunity to both work and pursue an education at Plymouth State.

“I was very surprised to learn that I was the recipient of the SJSOSS award,” said Lamontagne. “Being an advocate for women is something I strongly believe in and I feel that it is my purpose in life. What I hope that people see when they look at me is someone who cares deeply about women’s issues and is committed in making a difference.”

The criteria for winning the award includes exemplifying the spirit and values of the institution, dedicated to providing a learning environment that supports development of the mind, body and spirit, active involvement in University activities, and service to the wider community. Lamontagne received the award from President Sara Jayne Steen at a Nov. 10 ceremony. Steen said Lamontagne is an exemplary employee and student who is a deserving recipient of the award.

“Cresta has made a difference on campus in only a few years,” said Steen. “It is a joy to recognize her achievements as an excellent employee, as a committed student, and as an active and engaged citizen.”

Lamontagne, a Holderness native, also devotes time to civic causes, especially those dealing with women’s issues. Her volunteer efforts include:

• President’s Commission on the status of Women

• “Advocates for Women” 2010 Calendar (Sponsored by the SAGE Center)

• Trained Volunteer for Domestic & Sexual Violence (Voices Against Violence)

• National Organization for Women

• League of Women Voters of New Hampshire

• Feminist Majority Foundation

• National Committee on Pay Equity

• American Civil Liberties Union

• Southern Poverty Law Center

• Amnesty International

• Charter Member, National Women’s History Museum

The Sara Jayne Steen Operating Staff Service Award winner was chosen by a seven member panel of faculty, staff and students.

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