PSU’s Recycling Efforts Tops among New Hampshire Colleges

April 21st, 2010 by Adam

Plymouth State University students are making a name for themselves with an impressive showing in a nationwide recycling competition. From January 17-March 27, over 600 colleges and universities participated in the national RecycleMania tournament. RecycleMania is a friendly competition whose participants recycled or composted over 84 million pounds of material during the ten weeks. As part of the President’s Climate Commitment, PSU made an impressive impact in both increasing the amount of recycled materials and decreasing the overall waste stream. In the waste minimization category, PSU placed 50th out of 199 colleges and universities, with an average of 33.34 pounds/person/week.

Over the course of 10 weeks, Plymouth ranked #1 among schools in New Hampshire participating in the event. Kelly Donovan, Student Fellow for the Office of Environmental Sustainability, said the campus embraced the competition because it makes a real difference to the local environment.

“RecycleMania is a small part of a much larger effort to reduce the universities impact on the environment,” Donovan said. “The Climate Action Plan adopted by the university this spring calls for significant reduction in energy use, solid waste and water use over the coming years. RecycleMania is a means to help educate all of us about what the possibilities really are.”

PSU students will participate in Recyclemania next year and hope to improve on this year’s rankings.

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