PSU’s Terri Dautcher Receives Student Advising Award

August 27th, 2010 by Adam

“I think PSU students are absolutely terrific,” says Terri Dautcher, whose position in the College of Business Administration brings her into contact with dozens of young people.

Terri Dautcher
PSU Business faculty member Terri Dautcher is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Advising Award

Apparently, the feeling is mutual. Dautcher was chosen by students to receive PSU’s 2010 Distinguished Advising Award. The honor is bestowed upon a faculty member who demonstrates an ongoing commitment to excellence and engages students to reach their highest potential.

“I really try to connect with students and I think they know that and appreciate it,” said Dautcher.
Dautcher, a first generation college graduate, has a rich background in corporate marketing, public relations and education. Because nearly 40 percent of PSU students are also first-generation college students, she feels she can relate to their circumstances.

“I understand how being at school is really a developmental process and students are feeling their way through that experience,” Dautcher said. ‘I think they respect the fact that I tell it like it is, they just want someone to be straight with them; I guess I make them look in the mirror.”

Dautcher has taught at PSU for three years; PSU Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Julie Bernier said Dautcher is well respected by other faculty as well as her students.

“Terri’s personality and enthusiasm are infectious,” Bernier said. “ There was no doubt in my mind that Terri would one day be the recipient for the Distinguished Advising Award. That it is an award created and managed completely by the students, I’m sure, makes it all the more meaningful for Terri.”

Dautcher was presented the Distinguished Advising Award at PSU’s annual Faculty Day ceremony August 25.

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