February 4th, 2005 by Adam
Project Summary
The Plymouth State University Chamber Singers, lead by
Dr. Dan Perkins, performed, studied, and toured Rome,
Italy during the first week of January 2005. The 29
singers were accompanied by three additional PSU
students, PSU voice professor Eva Nagorka, and one
parent. The project included pre-tour study, choral
performances in Rome, and study/touring of the art and
architecture of this great city.

The choir performed at Chiesa Santa
Maria della
Scala in Trastavere, St. Peter’s
Basilica in Vatican City, and at the Cathedral in Albano
Laziale, outside of Rome. The concert programs included
extensive choral work in the Italian language, which the
students studied and coached intensively prior to the
trip. The students also prepared for the experience by
reading City of the Soul by William Murray, as well as
numerous articles on the history of Rome, its art and
architecture, and current events. They completed a
detailed take-home exam during Fall 2004 finals week,
including a great deal of map work, which prepared them
for independent exploration in Rome.

Most days, the students were given assignments to visit
various monuments, answer questions and make notes, and
return at the end of the day with their unique stories
and experiences. The students worked in groups and
traveled by subway, bus, and foot. Most meals were on
their own, so they each came away with different

With the assistance of the Bagley House and its excellent
staff, the tour was coordinated by Dan Perkins and ACFEA,
an internationally recognized agency specializing in
music performance tours. Their East coast representative,
Jane Kruse, and the company’s President, Tony Hill
(from London) met with Dr. Perkins personally in the fall
the plan the details of the tour. They responded
beautifully to each request, from lodging to concert

The group enjoyed the excellent guidance of Clare Costa,
a courier hired by ACFEA. Clare is a professional singer,
as well as Italian interpreter and guide, so she had a
unique ability to understand the needs of our choir and
singers in general. In addition, we enjoyed a
professionally guided tour of the Vatican museum and
Sistine Chapel and the Lateran District.