Senior Day at PSU

March 6th, 2009 by Adam

Four years ago, graduation day for the class of 2009 seemed like a far off dream. However, March 6 marked a step closer to the reality of graduation with Senior Day. Senior Day is a major milestone in preparing for the big day and it’s also a PSU tradition. Nearly 700 undergraduates who will receive their diplomas in May circulate through the HUB Courtroom, making arrangements for their eventual departure from Plymouth. Chris Anderson, studio art major, said Senior Day is a big step forward in
a student’s life.

“Everyone is really excited,” said Anderson. “It’s a realization that we’re really graduating.”

The HUB Courtroom is filled with information tables and staffed with people offering assistance, advice and material to the soon-to-be grads. Everything from picking up graduation caps and gowns to finalizing student loan agreements to reserving seats for the graduation ceremony are taken care of.

One popular stop is the Alumni table, where prospective grads provide information to the University to establish themselves as Alumni. Joe Long, director of alumni development , said Senior Day marks
a time when students prepare to see the University from the “other side.”

“It’s an opportunity for them to see themselves as alumni, rather than students,” Long said. “We show students that our relationship doesn’t end after graduation, we want to be involved with them and their future, offering resources like help in finding employment.”

This year’s undergraduate commencement ceremony date is Saturday May 16, at 10 a.m. Weather permitting, the ceremony will take place on the Charles L. Currier Memorial Field behind the PE Center.

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