September 11 Remembrance

September 9th, 2004 by Adam

The PSU family will observe a September 11th Remembrance Ceremony in honor of the victims, their families and the unselfish heroism of fire fighters, police officers, military personnel, and countless volunteers for their self-sacrifice and extraordinary acts of courage.

The PSU community is asked to observe silence during the brief ceremony that will take place at the site of the campus flags at 12:05 p.m. Friday, September 10.  Our flags will be lowered to half-mast beginning at 12:05p.m., followed by a ringing of the Rounds Hall Tower bell 21 times, the playing of Taps by student David Pipitone, and the re-raising of the flags.

 President Wharton says, “It is right that we pause to remember our fellow Americans who lost their lives in the attack on our country, and it is right that we honor our American colleagues whose bravery and skill and determination saved so many more lives.  It is even more important and more respectful of those we remember and honor that beyond our moment of silence we each use the power of our own example in living lives of compassion, of justice, of courage.  That is our best and lasting opportunity to make a permanent and living memorial for those we rightly honor.”