Sky Emmons-Shaw ’06 One-Person Exhibition

June 7th, 2006 by Adam

Sky Emmons-Shaw of Bridgewater graduated from Plymouth State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree May 20. In October he’ll present a solo exhibition at the Kimball-Jenkins Gallery in Concord.

Former Art Department Chair Bill Haust says, “This is quite an honor for someone who is a new graduate; most people don’t have their first one-person show until well after graduate school.

Recognition isn’t new to Emmons-Shaw, however. The young painter received the Juror’s Award at the 2005 New Hampshire Institute of Art Biennial exhibition for his oil on canvas painting, “Kids.” Biennial 2005 is a statewide competition for New Hampshire artists. Sixty-five pieces were accepted for the competition including two by Emmons-Shaw. At the Biennial he was congratulated for presenting “such sophisticated work” at such a young age.

artist“Sky’s paintings have a universal appeal. They incorporate accessible imagery while employing an open-ended narrative. His strange juxtapositions of figures, objects and environments create a fantasy world that has an underlying unnerving quality,” says PSU Associate Professor of Art Tom Driscoll. “The fact that he had not one, but two pieces selected for the Biennial was very prestigious; to be chosen for the Juror’s Award is an outstanding accomplishment.”

Emmons-Shaw says that as an artist he looks at the human condition, “… the moments that contribute to defining the people we become.” He does this in part by cultivating personal memories, observing life and listening to music.

He adds, “To me exhibiting is a very important aspect of being an artist. I make these painting because it is what I really like to do, but also because I want to share them with other people and let them bring their own interpretations to them. If I don’t pursue exhibition opportunities I might be cheating myself, my work and anyone who might enjoy seeing my paintings.”