Student Charged with Arson

October 25th, 2004 by Adam

Plymouth State University police have confirmed that Eric Pugliese, a student from Arlington, Mass. was arrested Friday, October 22, and charged with arson, which is a class B felony.

The arrest stems from Pugliese’s alleged participation in an incident after the Red Sox defeated the Yankees in the American League pennant race Wednesday night.

University officials restated that students who are involved in these dangerous large gatherings and are found responsible for instigating or inciting riotous behavior, interfering with a police officer’s performance of duty, throwing bottles, cans or other objects, refusing to abide by the lawful order of police, starting or contributing to a fire, setting off fireworks or vandalism will be suspended or expelled.

John E. Clark, chief of University Police, thanked concerned students for providing information that assisted in the investigation and led to this 16th arrest.