Submit your nominations for the Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award

January 8th, 2009 by Adam

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Dear Graduate Students,

Once again, the time has come to submit nominations for the Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award. One recipient will be selected from all Plymouth State University graduate programs.

Individuals nominated must be current members of the Plymouth State University Graduate Faculty, either full time or adjunct, who have provided at least five years of service to Plymouth State University. Current faculty who have received this award in past years, therefore making them ineligible to be nominated again, are: Marcel Lebrun (MEd), Gary Goodnough (MEd/CAGS), Meg Petersen (MEd), William Benoit (MBA), Marianne True (MEd/CAGS), Colleen Brickley (MBA), Michael Fischler (MEd), Duncan McDougall (MBA), Julie Bernier (MEd), Warren Mason (MBA), Mary McNeil (CAGS), David Kent (MBA), and L. Michael Couvillion (MBA).

Your reasons for nominating should include the following criteria:

  • Enthusiasm in undertaking teaching and promoting learning
  • Significant command of subject matter and exploitation of recent developments in the field
  • Keen and sympathetic participation in the guidance and advising of students and in understanding and providing resources for their needs
  • Responsiveness to colleague and student feedback on teaching
  • Ability to organize course material and present it clearly and imaginatively
  • Ability to assess student learning and to provide students with worthwhile (and timely) feedback
  • Ability to stimulate curiosity and independent learning in all students and creative work in advance students
  • Evidence of innovation in course design and delivery
  • Evidence of leadership and innovation in teaching, including the enhancement of teaching quality in colleagues
  • Involvement of a range of people to develop and maximize the quality of the project or program

Submit a Nomination now >>You may elaborate on one or more of these criteria in order to provide definitive justification for the nomination. Please submit your nominations on or before March 2, 2009.

Thank you for taking the time to recognize and honor one of your colleagues/teachers. PSU values its exemplary instructors and is happy and proud to have the opportunity to publicly celebrate their excellence as a community. Please fill out online nomination form, send your letter of nomination as an e-mail attachment to or you can mail it to: Ellanna Tallent, College of Graduate Studies, MSC 11, Plymouth State University, 17 High Street, Plymouth, NH 03264-1595.