The Arts Partnership: Inclusion and Integration

May 30th, 2003 by Adam

Plymouth State College presents the eighth annual Summer Arts in Education Institute (AIE), Monday through Friday, July 7-11 on the PSC campus.

The AIE program is a partnership between PSC’s art department, Graduate Studies in Education, the New Hampshire Department of Education and VSA arts of NH that addresses ways to cultivate a society in which individuals with and without disabilities have equal opportunities to experience the arts.

“Our program provides an opportunity for educators to get hands-on experience working with artists who have demonstrated teaching experience and commitment to inclusionary and integrated education,” explains Bill Haust, chair of PSC’s art department and co-director of the program with Janice C. Wilson, of VSA arts of NH. “It is designed to redefine the role of the arts in schools and to establish stronger relationships between the arts and academic disciplines.”

AIE 2003 is an intensive week-long series of professional development workshops designed for elementary and secondary classroom teachers, special educators and specialists. Participants will explore how the arts of music, theatre, dance, visual art, poetry, media and crafts become the media of success with learners of all abilities. They will also investigate the interdisciplinary components of the integrated classroom and experience how to develop successful inclusionary teaching methods that will make their instruction accessible to all students.

The 2003 institute will present the work of felt-maker and artists in residence Rachel Lehr, with a track of workshops and presentations on “The Silk Road” to provide a curriculum and pedagogical model for integrated, interdisciplinary teaching. Lehr will offer direct experience and analysis of the culture and arts of “The Silk Road” to provide a flexible and useful model for interdisciplinary curriculum development.

For workshop information, contact Bill Haust via telephone at (603) 535-3001 or e-mail him at Registration information is available at for graduate credit or at for undergraduate credit or continuing education noncredit CEUs.

Telephone registration information is available at (603) 535-2734 for graduate credit and at (603) 535-2822 for undergraduate and noncredit options.

The 2003 Arts in Education Institute is made possible in part with grants from the U.S. Department of Education through VSA arts and the New Hampshire State Department of Education.