The Sally Boland Scholarly Essay Prize

February 25th, 2004 by Adam

The Sally Boland Scholarly Essay Prize

The Plymouth State University Women’s Studies Council announces The Sally Boland Scholarly Essay prize for currently enrolled undergraduate students.

A cash prize of $200 will be awarded for the best scholarly essay or paper which addresses a topic or theme related to Women’s Studies as a discipline and/or to the lives and work of women.

The essay need not to have been written for a specific course, and may be from any area or discipline, so long as its scholarly focus is connected to and/or informed by women’s studies.

By “scholarly,” we mean to indicate work which is research-based, or analytical, or thesis driven — work which contributes in some way to academic discourse.

Examples of such essays might include: literary analysis of the major work of a woman writer; research paper about the biology of gender; a media analysis paper focusing on women’s roles in film and television; historical research paper focusing on women in the United States Senate. If you are uncertain whether your essay meets the criteria for “scholarship,” submit it nonetheless.

Essays should be typed and double spaced. One clean copy should be submitted. Essays should be carefully proofread and edited. Your name should not appear anywhere on the paper itself; include a cover page with the title of your paper, your name, and your contact information.

Deadline: Work must be RECEIVED by noon on Friday, April 2. Submit work in hard copy or electronically (attached as a MSWord document) to Professor Linda Levy, MSC 22 ( If you have any questions, you may contact WSC Chair Dr. Robin DeRosa at 535-3147, or any member of the Women’s Studies Council.