University Stationery Update

August 14th, 2003 by Adam

University Stationery Update

Now that our name is official, everyone is anxiously waiting to use the new logo and get their letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc. ordered. As you recall, the Cabinet decided we would centralize the ordering of all stationery once we became University.

Here’s where we stand:
• As this is written, the vendor selection is all but finalized. The vendor with the winning bid should be notified before the end of the week. All the legal paperwork will have to be passed and signed to make everything official.

• Templates for letterhead, envelopes, business cards, etc., are being finalized so the Cabinet can approve the first of next week.

• Once the vendor receives the templates, it will take about five business days to set up the ordering system for Plymouth State University.

• If everything goes as planned, the online ordering should be live before the end of the month, and order fulfillment will take about five days. Envelopes may take longer.

What about using College stationery?

Please continue to use your current Plymouth State College stationery, business cards, name tags, etc., until the University versions arrive.

What does this mean to me?

• Centralized ordering accomplishes a number of things: saves money, orders filled as need – don’t have to worry about warehousing, ensures consistency with our new visual identity (logo), and makes it easier to meet every office and departments’ stationery needs.

• You don’t need to worry about colors, fonts, type size or logo placement — that will already be done. All you will have to do is fill the blanks. At the same time, the University will be able to ensure our graphic standards are being followed and visual identity is consistent.

• To further meet the needs of individual department and office budgets, different levels of paper grade and quality will be available to order. A PCard will be required to complete all orders. Access to the online ordering will be available through both the Public Relations and the Purchasing homepages on the Web.

That’s the latest information. Notification of the system activation and directions/training for use will be forthcoming. If you have questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us in Public Relations.