Update for www.plymouth.edu

April 2nd, 2004 by Adam

The Office of Public Relations (OPR) launched the first phase in a multi-phased plan to update and develop www.plymouth.edu into an effective marketing tool in December 2002. After tracking information to better understand which links on the home page and in the PSU header people are using, and the most common terms searched for on the site, and considering feedback from site visitors, it is time for an update.

OPR and ITS will update the home page and the header that appears on every page, sometime the week of April 5.

You will have all the functionality you have now, but it will be streamlined and better organized. And after a survey of prospective students and their parents as well as staff, faculty and current students, the color palette will change to more muted colors reflective of our natural environment.

More detailed information about this update is in Plymouth Week or available as a pdf.

We look forward to your feedback on this update.