Welcome from New CIO

September 1st, 2003 by Adam

Hello. I’m your new CIO. That’s jargon for chief information officer, a.k.a. director of ITS. I am pleased and proud to be here. Plymouth State’s ITS department has a reputation in New Hampshire for its innovative approach to technology and services. Prior to this I’ve managed information systems at UNH and Keene State College.

I plan to use the Plymouth Week as a forum for sharing ITS information and news with the campus community. Given the rapid pace of projects underway, my goal is to keep you apprised of IT projects and developments. New and changing technologies are embedded in nearly every aspect of our work and learning. Love it or hate it, the more you understand the developments around information technology, the better IT will support the work you do. I’ll also seek your input and collaboration as we explore new initiatives.

It is critical that ITS align its mission with that of Plymouth State. While life in the IT world is fast paced and exciting, we need to strike a balance between the speed and fluidity of the business world and selecting technologies that makes sense for Plymouth State. The technologies Plymouth State deploys should not be driven by fads or a desire to implement the latest and greatest. Rather, technologies should support the strategic priorities of the campus. Furthermore, they must be cost effective and sustainable over time.

ITS has many efforts underway that will impact you. The new Banner student information system will provide a different look and feel for online services such as student directories, course registration, rosters and grade submission. Please be mindful that while the new Banner system may not be as complete as the old system, neither was Rome built in a day. The dedicated staffs of student service offices are working hard to help you with this transition.

As students return to campus, we need to continue efforts to educate them about responsible computing. The most immediate need is to inform them of the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) increased efforts to identify and prosecute those identified as sharing copyrighted music files.

Additionally, network and computing security is one of our greatest challenges. While our systems have undergone significant evolution in terms of increased access, so, too, has the threat from online rogues. We will be working with other campuses in the University System to enact preventative measures to assure that your network, data and computing resources remain available and uncompromised. This topic will gain considerable attention in months to come.

Yet another challenge for ITS will be to address the burgeoning desire for wireless networking. As we slowly roll out wireless access points around the campus, we need to ensure that appropriate securities are in place to allow for this final step toward what’s known as ‘ubiquitous computing.’

Expect to hear more of these and other IT initiatives in the months ahead. I plan to spend my first several months learning the ITS organization and getting to know you, your work and how technology supports (or doesn’t!) your endeavors. If you have thoughts to share, I’d like to hear from you: dcfischer@plymouth.edu.

I am honored to be the CIO of Plymouth State University and look forward to working with the members of the Plymouth community. We will build on past successes and make our institution the best it can be.