Reality Check Fact #2

Over 50% of PSU students report having 4 or fewer drinks each week, if they drink at all.

Fact taken from 2009 NH Higher Education on line Alcohol and Drug Survey at PSU.


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Michael Fischler



  • Ed. D., Social Behavior and Psychological Counseling, with a Specialization in Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention, University of Colorado, 1975
  • M. Ed., Minority/Multicultural Education, University of Miami, Florida, 1969
  • B. Ed., Social Science Education and Human Relations, University Miami, Florida, 1968


Along with founding the Counseling and Human Relations Center in 1976, Michael is a professor affiliated with three academic departments: The Department of Educational Leadership, Learning, and Curriculum; The Counselor Education and School Psychology Department; and Department of Elementary Education and Childhood Studies. He is “Speaker of the Graduate Faculty.” He is active in public speaking; presenting workshops nationally and internationally; teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; writing; and always striving to learn and to understand.  His academic focus is on counseling, culture, diversity, and understanding human beings through theory related to social behavior, and ultimately applying theory toward facilitating social change.

Counseling Approach and Areas of Specialization:

Meaningful work has no boundaries. Michael’s efforts are directed toward enlivening and contributing toward growth within the campus community and extending said growth within our state, nation and world. He participated in the founding of our campus’s first minority student alliance (and is currently is an Advisor to the Black Student Union). Similarly he was amongst the first supporters of our campus’s GLBTQ alliance.  He remains active in supporting both constituencies, as well as other campus subgroups ranging from war veterans to Greeks.  In our greater community, he was a founder of “First Star Tonight” (an organization that continues to serve Plymouth area chronically and terminally ill children and young adults); “S-O-S” (our campus’ first faculty scholarship fund dedicated to supporting our most at need students); and “”A-B-C” (“A Better Campus,” a campus wide effort committed toward transforming our community and deepening and developing student behaviors that reflect kindness, respect, compassion, and the willingness to stand up and confront incivility).


Laughing; learning; lecturing; closeness to family, friends and students; eating good food; watching sports; traveling; and playing (somewhat primitively) guitar, and making a positive difference in the lives of others,




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